I see far too many people spend hard earned time in the gym on exercises that don’t provide enough benefit. As long as you are healthy and have experience lifting weights consider sticking to these six patterns to give you the most out of your workout. Of course the best picked exercise don’t matter if we don’t adhere to plan, so make sure you create a plan that is realistic, enjoyable and flexible. If it doesn’t get done it doesn’t matter what exercises you choose!

A few questions to consider: Do you find yourself laying on your back? sitting in a chair? riding a bike or warming up for 20 minutes? There is nothing inherently wrong with this list but if you are trying to maximize your time and output, you can lay these exercises to rest.

If you are someone that is looking to stay in shape, build full body strength and only goes to the gym 1-3x per week, keep these six principles in mind.

  1. Lift something off the floor (e.g. dead lift)
  2. Lift something over head (e.g. push press)
  3. Carry something (e.g. farmers carry)
  4. Pull something (e.g. bent over row)
  5. Push something (e.g. push-up)
  6. Rotate your body (e.g. cable chops)

**you don’t even really need the gym for these movements – think grocery bags, a napsack, some yard work, and few push-ups**

By spending as much time on your feet and using multiple joints you maximize energy expenditure.  Try your best to move from one exercise to the next with very little break. There are endless exercise choices that fall under each category. I like to stick with a base group of exercises for 6-12 weeks and then I vary the exercsies. This allows you to master certain movements and ensures you are targeting different parts of each muscle. Balancing consistency and variability is key to good results.

Simples was to manipulate and change are exercise are: reps, sets, intensity. You can change foot or arm position and vary the speed. For more ideas – reach out.


Dave Carter