Your February Monthly Dose – finish winter on a high note

//Your February Monthly Dose – finish winter on a high note

Your February Monthly Dose – finish winter on a high note

Health comes in many forms. By understanding what matters most and engaging in your health I believe you can live a full and healthy life.

Nutrition: winter may be winding down here in Vancouver but there is still time for a few cozy warm meals. My suggestion this month – vegetable or meat stock. They are as ancient as Rome and loved by anyone half interested in cooking. They are nutritious and delicious but not magic. Stocks, sometimes referred to as bone broths, are essentially the same. There is nothing wrong with cooking your stock for longer (as is advised with bone broth) but lengthening the process provides no greater health benefits. Keep it simple and have fun with a stock this week. Please refer to Harvard Health for a full critique of bone broth versus stock.

Sleep: if you have kids or can think back to your own childhood you probably remember going to bed with books. It would be ghastly to plunk a kid in front of a TV for 30 minutes and then say goodnight. Yet as adults we do it all the time. We can learn a lot about our health by simply asking: Would I let my two year old child do this? Try it this week – novels only before bed.

Exercise: this month I am reading a great book called Endure. It delves into the science of maximum effort. How and why do we stop? Is it physiological? Is it lack of fuel, heat, hydration? Or is it psychological? If you are into endurance sports give it a go – it provides honest answers to debatable areas of fitness.

Mental health: the backlash against phones has begun – it will probably swing too far in one direction but perhaps we need the wake up call. If you want an actionable and useful approach to curbing your usage try Moment. You take photos of your usage each week and the app does the rest. It tracks your total time and individual app usage. I am not a huge user of my phone but it has helped curb my tendency to grab it when there is silence:)

Try to action in one of these areas and experiment with what works for you. Here is to ending winter on a high note. Dave

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