Long Term Health Coaching

Long Term Health Coaching 2018-01-04T00:03:43+00:00

What: This services fosters long term relationships both online and in person. This is for the person who needs a reminders and guidance to exercise and is looking to change  potentially negative health habits.


  • Accountability. Have you ever started a program but found it difficult to stick with? This is where a coach can help
  • Exercise planning. Not entirely sure who to believe or how to exercise? This is where a physio can help.
  • Lifestyle health advice: nutrition, mental health, sleep. Unsure how to navigate the quagmire that is health? This is where an evidence based practitioner can help guide you in the right direction
  • When appropriate I will link you with other great practitioners in nutrition, mental health and behaviour change


  • Initial consultation: medical history, goals setting, health baseline, health behaviours and exercise competence.
  • 10 face to face physio exercise sessions. One extended session to re-evaluate
  • SMART Goal implementation
  • Access to a coaching app
  • Regular “nudges” to keep you track and moving towards your goals
  • Extend to a monthly subscription
  • Timeline 3-4 months
  • Resources on health living and behaviour change