My post game strength routine

I am not a big fan of the post game stretch, especially if it is done under the pretence of injury protection. To date no research has shown stretching as protective against injuries. I may be proven wrong but current research suggests that strengthening is more protective for non-contact injuries. Stronger tendons and muscles are less likely to break down or cause pain. Following a squash match or drill session I head to the gym [...]

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Kettle Bell Strength Routine

In this video I demonstrate five exercises you can do with a kettlebell. They range from simple to complex. Strength training helps to protect joints, muscles and tendons but it is important to consider your sport and your own unique needs. I always look for exercises that will train high stress areas and areas that are significant for my clients. This routine might be great for someone rehabbing a shoulder or looking to build up [...]

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Pulling strength in the gym

Strength training is a great way to protect your muscles and tendons from repetitive strain. My biases is towards heavier weights with less reps but the most important factor is just doing the work. Whether you chose high loads and low reps or lower loads and higher reps, consistency will always get you results. In this video I show three pulling exercises. I like to strengthen the shoulder through pushes, pulls, presses, and creative or [...]

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Squash warm #1

Squash is my sport of choice these days and I think a good warm-up is imperative to get your mind and body ready for the match. 3 Common injuries: 1. Low back strain 2. Achilles rupture or Achilles tendinopathy 3. Groin pull 4 ways to reduce injuries 1. Strength train - a proven way to reduce injury 2. A good warm-up - don't just get your heart rate up, do movements that will prepare your [...]

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Squash Warm-up #2

A good squash warm-up should get you mentally and physically prepared for your match. Before you start hitting the ball focus on few key body parts. If your physio has identified an area that needs a little more love (for me it is my ankles) address those in your warm up!

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Physio at the PCO squash Tournament

I was fortune it to be able to help out at the PCO squash tournament this past weekend. I set up a table on Saturday and Sunday and helped injured and non-injured players ranging from 16-60 years of age! I used different forms of treatment depending on whether the athlete was preparing for a game or ramping down after a difficult tournament. There were two important lessons for most of the athletes. One: the importance [...]

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Lessons on shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a common ailment, but one that is understood poorly. Initial theories and special tests that aimed to provide accurate diagnosis are flawed and provide little clinical utility. Numerous studies of gold standard MRI and ultrasound imaging have shown a poor correlation between structural change (what you see) and symptoms (what you feel).  These findings shift the diagnosis away from specific terms like, bursitis, tendonitis, impingement, to a more general term, rotator cuff [...]

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FAQ – Pre-season training for squash

With the upcoming season fast approaching I have been thinking about what best practices for health I would want to share. I came up with these 5. 1. Build slowly over the next 6 weeks. Don't try to rush back and play 4 games in 1 week. Mix it up - gym, fitness, game, drills, rest. If you play 5 games, finish it there, have a stretch and allow your body to rebuild for your [...]

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FAQ: What is Achilles Tendonopathy

The dreaded heel pain. For any avid runner, or on-court athlete, you will probably deal with this injury at sometime in your life. In recent years there has a been a plethora of good research published on the different types, causes of, and treatment for achilles tendonopathy. Below is a summary of what you need to know. 1. Achilles tendonopathy is rarely an inflammatory response, hence why the conventional rest and anti-inflammatory drugs do not [...]

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Squash – on court fitness 2014

In 2014 I ran a series of on court group fitness classes. No weights, just balance, mobility and speed, all key components of squash performance. Whether you are trying to improve in a sport or in business you need to put in time practicing specific skills. To get better at squash time should be spent working on your racquet skills, your foot work, and your conditioning.  To truly get better at these components we must do [...]

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