Your January Monthly Dose – What to look for in 2018

Health comes in many forms. By understanding what matters most and engaging in your health I believe you can live a full and healthy life. Exercise: with an ever growing number of exercise formats, 2018 will be the year we see more research pointing to a simple fact: the best exercise is the one you are most consistent with. Consistency trumps anything fancy 9 times out of 10. Ask yourself - what do I enjoy the [...]

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What is lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle medicine recognizes the large impact that daily choices have on our health. Me spending time with my son in a beautiful place? Check mark for improving health:)   ___________   When I first read this phrase it made me cringe, it felt like an alternative to science based medicine. This has changed over the past month. When I dove deeper and reflected on my own messaging I realized that lifestyle changes are exactly what [...]

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A Decision to Move On

It has been a week since I left my former job and committed to going it alone. And today, I wanted to share my reflection. _________ Why do we make certain choices in our careers? Is it for increases in pay, better hours or more flexibility? When I made the difficult decision to leave my employer, it wasn't for any of the aforementioned reasons. For me, it was about reconnecting with my values - around [...]

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A moment to remember

Parenthood has taught me many lessons, one at least, appears to have stuck. If you have the opportunity slow down and take in your surroundings. While Danny and I were at the Bloedel Conservatory I had the urge to move quickly and get on to our next outing. Instead of being fully present and focusing on the moment I was already moving onto the next thing. It twigged when I was sitting with Danny, seen in the [...]

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Playing the long game

I know I am lucky but as someone working in healthcare I am fed up with the fads and quick fixes that are constantly paraded to consumers. Anything worth while takes time (a big shout out to Seth Godin for this constant reminder). Great health doesn't happen over night. A monthly detox, a crazy workout, or a once a month manipulation is not going to fix anything. That said - neither does it have to [...]

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Lessons as a manager

I have learnt many important lessons over the past six months, both as a dad and as a manager. As you move into a position of leadership you get excited about the prospect of implementing strategies, ideas, and initiatives. What I have come to realize is that the execution and implementation of a good idea is much more challenging than coming up with the idea! I work with smart and capable people. They are motivated, [...]

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Danny turns 1

This is the transcript of the letter I wrote to Danny for his first birthday. It's meant to be a special gift to Danny but I felt the words were worth sharing. Thanks Danny - you were loved the moment you were conceived and that love has grown with each passing day. You are precious but resilient. You are able to make us laugh, worry, and cry all in the same moment. You are an [...]

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The modern man’s business trip

The modern man’s business trip I can’t say for certain but I think the morning of a typical business trip has changed over the past 20 years…even the past 5 years. – – – – – – The night's sleep was fraught with pre-emtive wake ups even though the last failure of your alarm clock occurred when you were 15. You wake up around 5, not to a beeping alarm but to a gradual light [...]

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Lessons from a nine month old

Another three months behind us. Danny is babbling more and more but no words yet. A few sounds are pretty similar to Dadda but I don't mention this to momma:) He is pulling himself up to stand but because he can't get down we have witness a few head smashing falls - only tears, no blood yet. He is playful and silly like his mom and is definitely showing signs of a little personality. He [...]

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How can I influence just one person?

The Christmas season is here and to me, that signals the start of traditions. Train rides, Christmas tree farms, tree decorating, beers, and of course, It's a Wonderful Life. I have probably watched the film twenty plus times in my life. Each year it evokes emotions and warms the heart. Even Meesh has started to choke up:) It was funny though - even after years of watching it - something really stuck this year. I [...]

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