Six patterns to consider in the gym

I see far too many people spend hard earned time in the gym on exercises that don't provide enough benefit. As long as you are healthy and have experience lifting weights consider sticking to these six patterns to give you the most out of your workout. Of course the best picked exercise don't matter if we don't adhere to plan, so make sure you create a plan that is realistic, enjoyable and flexible. If it doesn't [...]

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Sport rehab: tendon pain and achilles injury.

If you play competitive sports you have felt the inevitable pains that can come with too much activity. Often these pains are felt in our tendons. Tendons transmit forces between muscle and bones. We don’t yet fully understand tendon pathology (the injury process), but research is providing greater clarity. I believe the following three points are a good place to start: A tendon injury appears to be caused by a combination of high load and [...]

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Why IMS, dry needling, or acupuncture are NOT the next big thing and what you can do instead.

I practice physiotherapy in Vancouver. When I started my career it felt like I couldn’t be a good therapist unless I did dry needling. Chan Gunn, of Gunn IMS, lives and works in Vancouver and has a strong hold on the PT community. I got my dry needling certification and used it for a few years - it seemed to work - but five years on I am glad to have thrown my needles away [...]

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Hamstring Rehab and Strength Exercises

Hamstring injuries - both muscle strains and tendon overload can benefit from load management, strengthening, and movement skill. In this video and post I discuss the benefits and implementation of a strengthening routine. In high speed sports like squash, soccer, and rugby, hamstring injuries are common place. The high velocity of sprinting, kicking, and lunging puts the hamstring unit under tremendous stress. If an athlete manages stress well the unit can become more resilient but [...]

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Squash Resilience

Squash, like any competitive sport, puts high demands on the body. To keep fit and injury free it is important to work hard at the right things.  Before discussing how to be a more resilient athlete,  I want anyone reading this to remember two important messages. Injury typically occurs not because of overuse but under-training . The body was inadequately prepared for the sport. If you train smart your body can handle a lot of [...]

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Change pain with deliberate practice

We all do it - clinicians, clients, athletes, and workers - we go through the motions. We move from one activity to the next with very little focus or purpose in our actions. To enhance performance or the healing process, we ought to do more. For many years we have understood that deliberate practice can exceed results of just "practicing".  We have learnt that a greater awareness in one's body can modify the pain experience. As [...]

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What is the homunculus?

In my opinion and of many others (Reference), the brightest spot in the progression of physiotherapy is our  evolving knowledge of pain science (ie why things hurt). In this post I will try to explain the role of the homunculus. It is a recognizable term to most but beyond it being something to do with the brain I imagine things are little fuzzy:) It is important to physios because it broadens our understanding of pain. The [...]

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Coaching and Motivation

At its core good physiotherapists know how to coach and motivate behaviour change. Whether it be taking something away (often the case) or adding something new, learning skills for behaviour change are invaluable. Changing pain often requires changing habits. It is up to us to listen well, find motivators and provide our clients with the tools they need to succeed. First Listen Listen more than you talk. Many years ago, esteemed physiotherapist Professor Maitland, encouraged [...]

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Going back to my old stomping ground! Innovative Fitness

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to give a talk at my former employer Innovative Fitness. I have stayed in touch with manager Brett Hodge since I left and have even solicited his advice over the past couple months as I have transitioned into a managerial role at Physio Room. My time at IF was invaluable. I learnt a lot about customer care, business operations, and self discipline. All tools that I continue to [...]

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Greg Lehman and why I think physio can be the best

For most of my time as a physio and even more so since reading wait but whys blog on Elon Musk I have been contemplating the first principles of physio. I had many questions: What is it that truly works? With each unique person what unifies our approach? How can it be that gurus teaching wildly different approaches are getting people better at a higher rate than the rest of us? If I had to [...]

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