Squash Resilience

https://youtu.be/UEUTebpZSpM Wow...what a rally. As amateur squash players our rallies may not always get to two minutes, but this rally begs the questions - what do the best do to tolerate such gruelling points?  How do you become a more resilient amateur athlete?   First things first. Injuries typically occur, not because of overuse but under-training . The body was inadequately prepared for the sport. If you train smart and hard your body can handle a lot of [...]

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Coaching and Motivation

At its core good physiotherapists know how to coach and motivate behaviour change. Whether it be taking something away (often the case) or adding something new, learning skills for behaviour change are invaluable. Changing pain often requires changing habits. It is up to us to listen well, find motivators and provide our clients with the tools they need to succeed. First Listen Listen more than you talk. Many years ago, esteemed physiotherapist Professor Maitland, encouraged [...]

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FAQ – I just got in a car accident, what should I do?

After a high speed accident the muscles, ligaments (tissue connect bone to bone), nerves and joints around the neck, shoulder and throat sustain high levels of force. It is hypothesized that overload to these tissues causes the symptoms following a motor vehicle accident. Symptoms are usually mild for the first day but commonly increase in the days to follow. It is important to have a full assessment to ensure no neurological involvement or sinister vertebral injury. Once this [...]

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FAQ: what to do with knee pain when riding your bike

During the winter more and more recreational cyclists are taking to spin class. The more intense your training load the higher the likelihood for injury. Knee injuries are the most common amongst both recreational and competitive cyclists. The pain is often located on the lateral side (outside) of the knee joint. The pain is usually more pronounced when going uphill or when putting more pressure on the cranks. Below are few things we will look [...]

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FAQ: Understand your pain

Pain is complex. We now understand that their are many inputs outside of localized tissue damage that contribute to the pain experience. In the last 10-15 years lots of good research and amazing writing has come out on the complex physiology of pain. It has changed the way we treat and manage pain for the better. In this post I review some of the important concepts from the 2003 breakthrough book, Explain Pain. The initiation [...]

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FAQ – Early management of injuries and tissue healing

The Stages of Healing (Tendons and muscles heal the fast, ligaments are slower because of poor blood supply, bone heals quickly when set correctly because it is in a constant state of remodelling) 1.     Inflammatory i.            Lasts 5 to 7 days ii.            Heat, redness, pain, swelling, loss of function 2.     Proliferation i.            7-21 days ii.            New scar is forming but it is only 15% as strong as normal tissue iii.            Do not start loading the [...]

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Simple low back care – things to consider

Low back pain is the most common complaint seen in physiotherapy. Some of the initial treatments and things to consider include: 1. Threat reduction - whether this is the first time or something more persistent with appropriate therapy, good education and improved movement the pain will resolve. 2. Your daily habits -what is your desk set up? Get into a position where you minimize rotation, reaching, and slouching onto your tailbone. - what sport do [...]

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Pain Resources

A colleague was looking for good information on pain. I thought rather than just sending him an email I would make an outline of my favourite resources. 1. Lorimer Moseley TEDx 2. Lorimer Moseley Lecture 3. David Butlers book: explain pain 4. The NOI group Resources. Check out the saveyourself site for some good reads. 5. Neil Pearson Resources. Great courses / lectures on pain and yoga. I would recommend signing up for his email [...]

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More on breathing

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of breathing. This morning I was lucky enough to attend a lecture put on by pain expert Neil Pearson. It brought a few things to light and made sense of why breathing has an impact on both our pain and the way we move. When a person is blowing off too much CO2, (e.g. they are are hyperventilating) CO2 builds up in the body and creates [...]

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