Change pain with deliberate practice

We all do it - clinicians, clients, athletes, and workers - we go through the motions. We move from one activity to the next with very little focus or purpose in our actions. To enhance performance or the healing process, we ought to do more. For many years we have understood that deliberate practice can exceed results of just "practicing".  We have learnt that a greater awareness in one's body can modify the pain experience. As [...]

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What is lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle medicine recognizes the large impact that daily choices have on our health. Me spending time with my son in a beautiful place? Check mark for improving health:)   ___________   When I first read this phrase it made me cringe, it felt like an alternative to science based medicine. This has changed over the past month. When I dove deeper and reflected on my own messaging I realized that lifestyle changes are exactly what [...]

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A Decision to Move On

It has been a week since I left my former job and committed to going it alone. And today, I wanted to share my reflection. _________ Why do we make certain choices in our careers? Is it for increases in pay, better hours or more flexibility? When I made the difficult decision to leave my employer, it wasn't for any of the aforementioned reasons. For me, it was about reconnecting with my values - around [...]

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A moment to remember

Parenthood has taught me many lessons, one at least, appears to have stuck. If you have the opportunity slow down and take in your surroundings. While Danny and I were at the Bloedel Conservatory I had the urge to move quickly and get on to our next outing. Instead of being fully present and focusing on the moment I was already moving onto the next thing. It twigged when I was sitting with Danny, seen in the [...]

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Playing the long game

I know I am lucky but as someone working in healthcare I am fed up with the fads and quick fixes that are constantly paraded to consumers. Anything worth while takes time (a big shout out to Seth Godin for this constant reminder). Great health doesn't happen over night. A monthly detox, a crazy workout, or a once a month manipulation is not going to fix anything. That said - neither does it have to [...]

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The modern man’s business trip

The modern man’s business trip I can’t say for certain but I think the morning of a typical business trip has changed over the past 20 years…even the past 5 years. – – – – – – The night's sleep was fraught with pre-emtive wake ups even though the last failure of your alarm clock occurred when you were 15. You wake up around 5, not to a beeping alarm but to a gradual light [...]

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Daily Fitness Habits

Over the last few months I have spent a large amount of time thinking about how people can stay healthy and move better without disrupting their day and putting added pressure on already busy schedules. As a physiotherapist, unlike most other medical professionals, we pride ourselves on empowering our clients to get better using their own skills in conjuction with our guidance. Our goal is to create windows of opportunity through manual therapy techniques so [...]

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FAQ – Pre-season training for squash

With the upcoming season fast approaching I have been thinking about what best practices for health I would want to share. I came up with these 5. 1. Build slowly over the next 6 weeks. Don't try to rush back and play 4 games in 1 week. Mix it up - gym, fitness, game, drills, rest. If you play 5 games, finish it there, have a stretch and allow your body to rebuild for your [...]

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Supplements and My Dietary Views

I was lucky enough to grow up in home where good nutrition and home cooked meals were the norm. Since that time I have grown to love cooking and was fortunate to take two nutrition courses at university. As someone who works in lifestyle health I am regularly asked about my views on nutrition and was recently asked what type of supplements I would recommend. Although I am not a certified nutritionist I have always [...]

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More on breathing

A few weeks ago I wrote about the importance of breathing. This morning I was lucky enough to attend a lecture put on by pain expert Neil Pearson. It brought a few things to light and made sense of why breathing has an impact on both our pain and the way we move. When a person is blowing off too much CO2, (e.g. they are are hyperventilating) CO2 builds up in the body and creates [...]

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